Surgery Equipment Policy

From time to time it will be necessary for patients to loan equipment from the Surgery as advised by their doctor.

Upon receipt of a request for an item of equipment to be loaned, the Receptionist will:

  • Confirm the item is available and indicate that it is to be loaned on a short term basis only (ie. one week or less)
  • The terms of the loan will be explained to the patient
  • An equipment loan form will be completed by the Receptionist giving the related serial number of the equipment, a deposit of £5.00 collected and a receipt issued
  • The patient will be required to sign the appropriate loan form as evidence that the equipment has been taken from the Surgery

On returning the equipment, the Receptionist will:

  • The equipment will be checked for any damage which was not noted when it was issued and verify that it is complete
  • The receptionist will complete the return details on the Loan Agreement Form
  • If the equipment is returned in the same condition and within the agreed loan period, then the full deposit amount will be returned to the patient